• We specialize in urgent closing requests
  • We do second loans on all asset classes, including land
  • Our loan to values are higher than most banks
  • We are one of the few groups doing seconds from $50,000.00 – $2,000,000.00
  • Get an immediate quote from us and shop it
  • We want minimum documentation and like to keep the process simple
“Our brokerage firm has had an excellent experience and has successfully closed commercial loan deals with them since 2011. Our need to be able to fund our loans, especially our SECOND COMMERCIAL LOANS, as a skilled broker is critical for our success. We recommend Debtcraft without reservation and like how they are free to discuss the deal.”
Gary Pitts, MAE Capital
“Our team has been working with Michael and Richard for several years. Being in the commercial real estate industry, we thrive on networking and cultivating solid relationships. It has always been a pleasure to work with them, and they have also opened the doors to other business opportunities for us due to their extensive knowledge, vast connections and know-how. We wish them much continued success and hope and expect to collaborate on many more future ventures.”
Keith Lee, Managing Director, Crown Point Realty Capital
“Hey Guys! WE did it! We closed 22938 Hatteras – I couldn’t have done it without you jumping as high as I needed when it came to pulling the trigger on this deal! You guys shared my vision on this project and believed in it like I did. I wish all my investors were as easy to deal with as you guys! Plus, it’s nice to deal with those that follow through on what they promise! I’ll be calling you first on the next opportunity that comes my way. Thanks again.”
Jeff Schermer, Broker, Dilbeck Estates
“I am new to investing (though have what I think are considerable resources) and have spent a lot of time looking at different options, such as the stock market, business opportunities, etc. Most everything looked fine but rarely did i find a firm that was sophisticated and smart AND attentive and caring. This was (and is) important to me. I appreciate the time that everyone has taken with me to understand trust deeds, the SFR Venture Fund, etc. Looking forward to working with everyone again on the next suitable opportunity.”
Eda Ozsoy, Investor

I am happy to write on your wall of fame…

I operate mostly as an analyst, structuring debt and equity investment opportunities for my clients. From time to time I see a deal that needs a second opinion…usually a deal that is above my pay grade (hahaha)… I turn to you guys since TRUST is high and EXPERTISE and EXPERIENCE is abundant. Thanks for the years of collaboration and joint efforts. Have a great 2015!!”

Andrew Yim, Principal, Yim Ventures
“As a seasoned agent focusing on high-end real estate sales in the Los Angeles area, I come across many types of personalities. Picking quality relationships contributes greatly to my success, especially in the areas of finance. Debtcraft shines and sets itself apart. Michael and Richard are easy to work with and are results-oriented. They perform.”
Andrea P., Real Estate Agent, Beverly Hills, CA
“Having partnered with Michael and Richard for many years and knowing their business, personal integrity and successful work ethic, we jumped at the opportunity to co-invest with them in the SFR Venture Fund. Working with a team we trust was critical as we don’t have the time or resources for investment or financial mistakes.”
Jason & Joanna Frahm
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Need a Second Loan Against Commercial Property?
Looking for a second loan against commercial property? Loan Closings in less than 2 weeks. Multi residential, industrial, office and retail. LTV to 75%.