Debtcraft Structures Loans Against Notes, Mortgages and Trust Deeds

Hypothecation is just a fancy word for making a loan and using a promissory note and trust deed as collateral. Loan terms are very similar to regular real estate loans with an interest rate, term (number of years) and costs making them similar to a regular real estate loan. We are eager to speak with anyone who owns trust deeds and wants to borrow against them (kind of like making a loan against a loan.)

Related to our note lending efforts is also our desire to buy notes and trust deeds. We look carefully at the note and the underlying real estate it is attached to. We also inspect how timely the borrower makes their payments since we are inheriting the client that makes the monthly payment. Typically we make immediate decisions to purchase all notes at a discount, from 5% – 25%.

Call or write to learn more about how much you can borrow against your note and trust deed or what price we will offer to purchase your asset.
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Loans Against Notes, Mortgages and Trust Deeds
Debtcraft funds loans against notes, mortgages & trust deeds. Our associates appreciate the simplicity yet limitless possibilities that these loans create.