Debtcraft specializes in Land Loans and Parking Lots

Debtcraft principals, associates and partners all appreciate the simplicity yet limitless possibilities that unimproved and agriculture land provides.  Our capital extensions on land often fall under our joint venture label, though not a requirement whatsoever. In the current lending environment, land loans are hard to come by, and Debtcraft fills this void nicely.

Our land financing package varies from deal to deal depending on the quality and location of the dirt, taking into consideration potential cash flow (parking structure, signage, and agriculture incomes) and the soundness of the asset for its highest and best use.  For instance, environmentally compromised soils and tracts are treated vastly different than residential coastal view properties ⃰ which are treated differently than freeway adjacent signage land. In all instances, our land loans are crafted to the needs of the borrower and the borrower’s objectives.

Debtcraft may participate in a capital extension of equity—rather than a loan—and become a partner where the transaction needs added company resources such as advice, management and more substantial engagement.

Call Debtcraft today if you are interested in getting a Land Loan.

* Incidentally, residential unimproved lots are the only instance where Debtcraft will encumber a consumer–based asset.

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Land Loans and Parking Lot Loans
Debtcraft does Land Loans! Our associates and partners appreciate the simplicity and limitless possibilities that unimproved and agriculture land provides.