Business Opportunities and Expertise

Debtcraft provides expertise, quality business opportunities and investment structures to our clients, including:

Mergers and Acquisitions

Debtcraft plays a very specific role in advancing the cause of private companies that seek to be taken public and traded on a variety of trading platforms.  Our focus as advisors include the raising of seed capital, the locating of roll up and complimentary assets and strategic advisory services.

Joint Ventures

We always are interested in helping commercial enterprises grow and expand their business by infusing capital, enhancing management and applying our best tactical efforts.  We are always looking for partnerships with special emphasis on hospitality, botanical nutraceuticals, new market products and ideas and commercial causes worth pursuing.

Product Development

We are providers of capital for the development of consumer related products and technologies.


Many of our investor-clients have been wildly successful in this area of business and are eager to deploy capital resources and advisory services for startup endeavors in design and manufacturing of all textiles.

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Debtcraft Investment Expertise
Debtcraft areas of expertise - Real Estate Investments, Commercial Real Estate Loans, Business Venture Capital, Business Partnerships and Advisory Services.