Our Expertise

  • Underwriting complex loan requests against California and Nevada real estate.
  • Deploying debt against non-realty items such as rare automobiles and coins.
  • Sourcing capital to acquire discounted mortgage notes and bank properties
  • Syndicating real estate acquisitions.
  • Realty advisory and brokerage services.

Real Estate Debt & Equity Structure Service 

  • Acquisition of discounted performing and non-performing notes (seller carry-backs OK)
  • Private note hypothecations (loans against notes)
  • Junior debt against multi-residential and all commercial assets–max $1mm
  • Construction debt (California only)–max $2mm
  • Debt against non-stabilized commercial and industrial properties $500k – $5mm
  • Debt against In-Fill land and developable land $100k – $2mm
  • All apartment and commercial debt or acquisitions (premium rates) <$5mm
  • Parking lot debt or acquisitions – income or non-income <$5mm
  • Debtcraft arranges loans against rare automobiles, coins, art and gems $50k – $500k
  • Debtcraft sources value-add real estate (off market, short-sale, flips and wholesale acquire.)


Note & Real Estate Acquisitions

Debtcraft and its clientele are active buyers focusing on the following types of properties:

  • All classes of industrial properties including land
  • All quality off-market apartment complexes in Orange County, California
  • All commercial ONE-OFF notes with participating borrower ($5mm-$15mm)
  • Off-market, non-stabilized commercial properties in San Diego, Los Angeles, Long Beach and Las Vegas, NV

Where we do business

  • Greater Los Angeles area: Pasadena, Arcadia, Burbank, Santa Monica, Culver City, Marina Del Rey, etc
  • South Bay: Palos Verdes, Manhatten Beach, Redondo, Torrance, Long Beach
  • San Diego: Rancho Santa Fe, San Clemente, Escondido and surrounding communities
  • San Fernando Valley and Orange County
  • Riverside and San Bernardino counties
  • Las Vegas
  • Houston, Dallas and San Antonio
  • Panama
Article Name
Debtcraft Services
Debtcraft Services include underwriting complex loan requests against CA and NV real estate, rare automobiles and coins, mortgage notes and bank properties.