We are expert commercial real estate lenders, using our private investment capital to fund most client loan requests.  We underwrite complex borrower loan requests against California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and Texas real estate. Whether you are a direct borrower, loan broker, real estate agent, CPA, attorney or financial advisor, our services are aimed at delivering predictable results with agressively low pricing and points.  See our most popular services below:

Subordinate Loans

Few mortgage or trust deed lenders actively fund “second trust deeds.”  Debtcraft is different and actively search for borrowers looking for this type of financing.  These loans are made against all commercial classes of real estate and range from $50,000.00 to $1,000,000.00.  Our pricing is almost bank calibre. Learn more

Loans for Land and Parking Lots

Debtcraft principals have a long history of land lending and ownership and are resultantly expert lenders in this asset class. Debcraft pursues reasonable loan to value ratios in agricultural, commercial and residential dirt with special preference given to larger tracts of land and loan amounts starting at $250,000.00 up to $2,500,000.00. Maximum loan amounts for cash flowing parking structures are $5,000,000.00. Learn more

Loans Against Notes, Mortgages, and Trust Deeds

Fewer than 5% of all Californian banks, real estate brokers or lenders will attempt note hypothecations, the lending against promissory notes used as collateral.  Debtcraft is frequently called upon by real estate attorneys and wealth managers  to provide such type of financing. Many private individuals that own mortgage notes can generate cash from these instruments and use Debtcraft as their preferred mortgage lender to achieve their goals. Learn more

Financing Your Industrial Property

Debtcraft works with some of the most successful industrial real estate offices in the nation and provides velocity driven financing for all classes of industrial real estate.  Debtcraft works with small owner operators as well as high net worth owners of large industrial properties.  This is our area of significant expertise and includes warehousing-distribution, storage, manufacturing, industrially zoned land, cold storage-refrigeration, telecom-data, flex, showroom and bio.  We do it all. Learn more


Debtcraft is not a direct provider of construction financing but rather, provides to the borrower a short list of the finest construction lenders in California.  Debtcraft earns no fee for referrals by the construction lender.

All Other Commercial

Our rates for Office, Retail, Apartments and Hotels are the best.  Debtcraft provides through its own resources and that of its private client base excellent terms and rates up to $5,000,000.00.  Debtcraft outsources all other loans up to $25,000,000 and is extremely competitive with superior closing.

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Commercial Real Estate - Debtcraft
We are expert commercial real estate lenders, using our private investment capital to fund client loan requests. We underwrite complex loans and structures.