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25 09, 2014

Lunch in the Morning

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How do we decide the number of hours to dedicate to our craft or which parts of the workday are our most productive? Many of our readers searching for higher efficencies appreciate our unorthodox work schedule…how about you…when during the day are you ahead of the curve…if at all?  When are you most productive? __________________________________________________________________________ People [...]

19 09, 2014

Business and Social Networking Made Easy

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As active members of the Los Angeles business community we attend and sponsor many, many events, seminars, parties and business presentations all having one thing in common:  everyone wants to meet interesting people and advance their own, specific purposes. Self interest is at the core of either sponsoring or attending select events.  Here are a [...]

21 08, 2014

Everyone Loves a Discount

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A popular statement in investing is that "The real money made during the purchase, NOT at the sale."  This certainly is true with real estate.  In fact, we have heard many of our European, Middle Eastern, Latin and local, savvy friends and colleagues take credit for this investment proverb..."as the old (Armenian, Spanish or Russian) saying [...]

13 08, 2014


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We frequently share new ideas and business concepts so that everyone at Debtcraft has a mutual body of information that is used to help advance our business objectives. Many ideas can have an enormous impact on our growing businesses without taking large, costly steps such as hiring, firing, buying or moving. These ideas cost little [...]

15 07, 2014

Connecting People with People with your Business

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Two weeks ago we had lunch with one of our best and reliable client-partners, who over the past several years has participated in our most complex and unique investment opportunities, including and most specifically our industrial property debt deployments.  The lunch invitation seemed ordinary enough, since we together regularly visit the various eateries in West [...]