Investing in Marijuana: Is This the Next Boom Market?

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Astute investors know that many people are already getting substantial returns on their investment in the legal marijuana industry. Now that legalized cannabis “pharmacies” are popping up over the U.S. to service a growing demand, we’ve been busy consulting with capital seekers and entrepreneurs as well as advising our current close-knit family of investors. There are so many compelling reasons to consider investing in cannabis. Here are but a few . . .

Making a Case for Investing in Marijuana: Increasing State Decriminalization of Cannabis

In the last few years Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska have legalized marijuana use and 14 more have decriminalized the possession of small amounts of the drug. Almost half of all states now allow medical marijuana.

This trend in decriminalization of marijuana now allows cultivation for personal and medical use and has led to year on year relaxation of marijuana legislation. Since 1996, cannabis has been approved for medical use in California for debilitating and recurring conditions such as anorexia, epilepsy, glaucoma and cancer to name but a few. Moreover, California is now on the cusp of announcing that it will further relax its laws to approve statewide regulations for legalized cannabis.

Even with regulations as they stand, California is one of the best places to invest in cannabis. In our opinion, things will only get more attractive with increasing relaxation of statewide regulations. Now is the time to invest in medical marijuana in California. We are seeing amazing ROI!

Cannabis as a Secure Alternative Investment for Mining Companies

With the recession still biting stateside and China taking a downturn in its economy, marijuana is increasingly considered a steady and safe investment option for many. So much so, that Canadian mining companies Supreme and Chlormet are already transitioning into the cannabis industry by securing their license to farm cannabis. These are significant game-changers and further evidence of the changing mentality of currently successful businesses.

“With the downturn that the mining industry has suffered, I think the smart and innovative entrepreneurs in the sector are looking for other asset types that can rebuild businesses and restore lost value for shareholders,” John Fowler, CEO of Supreme Pharmaceuticals, told Reuters

Debtcraft’s Experience in the Cannabis Market

We have been investing in the legalized cannabis market for many years and have a proven track record in logging significant profits for ourselves and clients in the industry. We continue to offer excellent investment opportunities in this space and want our clients to feel confident and safe that their investment decisions will realize fast and significant ROI.

Debtcraft’s team of advisers are experienced in many different investment options and we have decades of real estate experience under our belt. That experience bodes well for our investors in terms of breadth of knowledge, negotiating skills and general business acumen: We are confident that are in a great position to guide you through the legalized marijuana investment industry.

Are you interested in Investing in Marijuana? Here’s why you should choose Debtcraft:

  1. We offer solid advice for investors who want to structure a specific capital deployment
  2. We have extensive industry knowledge and more important, we know the people in the business
  3. We will support your endeavor by adding our talent and resources

Debtcraft will help you structure quality investments in legalized marijuana in all states of the Union. Our investment opportunities in the legalized cannabis industry range from small , “let’s take flier” type of investments to ones that could be significant and change the face of the industry. Our growing cannabis investment business is proof that Debtcraft is one of the best companies with whom to become aligned with for Investing in Marijuana.

Debtcraft is committed to delivering high quality, carefully underwritten and unique opportunities investing in the legal marijuana industry. To learn more give us a confidential call at (310) 621-0092.

Investing in Marijuana: Is This the Next Boom Market?
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Investing in Marijuana: Is This the Next Boom Market?
Astute investors know that many are already seeing substantial returns on their investment in the legal marijuana industry. Call Debtcraft to learn more!
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